2018 Grand Prize Winners

Nearly 500 speeches were submitted by students throughout the world, including the U.S., Canada, Guatemala, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and the U.K. Two speeches from four age categories were selected by a panel of judges from the FranklinCovey Education Division using a judging rubric and criteria based upon the message and delivery of the speech.

“Every year, we receive speech submissions that are of such high quality, and this year is no exception,” said Sean Covey, President, FranklinCovey Education. “It’s very difficult for our panel of judges to select eight winners, because there are so many engaging speeches submitted. We congratulate all the students who entered the contest, as they are all leaders, and we honor the winners and commend them for their extraordinary work and efforts on their speeches. These students understand and practice the life skills they are learning in the Leader in Me process every day. We hope the contest was a positive experience for students and that it will help them to further grow and make tremendous contributions in their schools, families, and communities.”

Jack Adams
Age: 5
“Jack C. Adams- Student Principal"
Douglasville, Georgia

Jack wants to purchase copies of his Nana's Children's book and donate them to all the elementary schools in our community, so that many kids in many schools can be inspired by the books the way that he was inspired. The remainder of the funds he will set aside for college.

Ahana Shastri
Age: 6
“Leading the 3r’s Revolution”
Ashburn, Virginia

Ahana wants to use her leadership grant towards her rocks and crystals research to show the world that geology has answers to our understanding of the environment and how we can protect it.

Ayla Azkiya Wibowo
Age 8
“One Idea That Could Change the World”
Banten, Indonesia

Ayla will invest her leadership grant on buying lots of trash cans for her community.

Riley D'Amico
Age: 9
“Begin with the End in Mind”
Fort Myers, Florida

Riley plans to donate the leadership grant to underprivileged children in the community to help purchase school supplies.

Santiago Ochoa Tovar
Age: 11
“It’s Not Easy”
San Antonio, Texas

Santiago will donate his leadership grant to his church since they are building a new sports area for the kids and the rest he will save for college.

Stefanie Anderson
Age: 13
“Dadivas Summer”
Guatemala City, Guatemala

Stefanie will use the leadership grant to purchase more food for kids with cancer in Guatemala.

Jonpier Veliz
Age: 16
“The Rocky Road to Success”
Panama City, Panama

Jonpier will use the leadership grant to continue to inspire others through public speaking on topics he is passionate about.

Maria Alejandra Duff Amado
Age: 16
“Strength in our Flaws”
Guatemala City, Guatemala

Maria will use her leadership grant to help pay for her college education.

Divya Naidugari
Age: 12
“Leaders Empower Others”
Florence, Kentucky

Divya will donate some of the leadership grant money to “Organization for Autism Research” and the rest she will save for college.

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3rd Annual Leader in Me International Student Speech Contest

The Leader in Me International Student Speech Contest is for students K–12 attending a Leader in Me School. All students are encouraged to enter by submitting a two minute video by March 31, 2018 April 14, 2018. Students (with the help of their parents or school) should create a traditional or creative video addressing their graduating class. A panel of judges will be limited to reviewing English speaking videos only.

Here are some ideas to incorporate in your speech:

• Poems
• Lyrics from a song
• Quotes
• Snippets of other speeches related to your speech

Your speech should be clear and concise with its message. For instance, if you are giving a speech about continuing education, you may want to consider incorporating quotes, lyrics, poems, or snippets of other continuing education speeches.

Traditional Speech

A traditional speech is delivered in a format we are accustomed to. When we think of public speaking, we think of a podium, a stage, or some other variety of nondistracting background.

Here are a few tips for delivering a great traditional speech:

• Present in front of a live audience (if possible).
• Ensure lighting and audio quality.
• Use natural hand gestures.
• Be confident.
• Use voice inflection.
• Deliver memorized.
• Speak slowly and clearly.
• Avoid verbal pauses.

Creative Speech

Creative speeches give people the opportunity to explore different ways of delivering powerful speeches that deviate from traditional measures while still addressing the audience with a clear and concise message. For example, your creative speech can be a personal story that inspires others or even a self-written song. Just make sure it still addresses your audience.

Here are a few tips for presenting your creative speech:

• Collect signed permission forms from anyone on video.
• Avoid copyrighted music, logos, or other licensed content.
• Be creative with a strong message.
• Ensure lighting and audio quality.
• Use simple video editing effects.
• Should still incorporate tips from the traditional speeches section.

Win a $500 Leadership Grant!

How can you make a difference? A leadership grant will be awarded to eight students to help demonstrate leadership in action at home, at school, or in the community. Participants should first consider what they would do with the grant (if they won) and submit their plans for its use during the entry-form process. The decision is up to the student, but here are a few suggestions to make a difference as a leader:

• Identify and fix a problem that exists at school.
• Donate the money as a charitable contribution.
• Organize a service project in the community.
• Purchase personal school supplies.
• Help a class member in need.
• Contribute to a college fund.

Why hold a speech contest?

Speaking in public is a great leadership skill. Leader in Me Schools everywhere develop their students with opportunities to speak at Leadership Days, Symposia, assemblies, and in the classroom. FranklinCovey encourages all Leader in Me students to continue improving this skill set with this contest.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any student throughout the world (ages 5 to 18) who attends a licensed Leader in Me School is eligible to participate. Parents (or guardians) are encouraged to assist, but the student must do the majority of the work!

Rules and Guidelines

The following rules and guidelines will help parents (or guardians) support participating students, to produce a great video that the viewer can see and hear clearly:

1. Prepare a great message.

• Identify an inspiring leadership topic that will resonate with the audience.
• Don't just recite the 7 Habits, focus on the application of principles.
• The content can be delivered by one or more students (as long as there are signed release and parent permission forms for ALL individuals in the video).
• Avoid sensitive topics that could be perceived as disrespectful, threatening, exclusive or offensive toward any person, group, or organization (e.g. political, religious, etc.).
• Seek permission and/or mention the source of any third-party content referenced during the speech.

2. Deliver a great speech.

• Think of creative ways to make the presentation memorable, impactful, engaging, and unique.
• Maintain great eye contact, use appropriate gestures, and speak clearly with expression.
• Consider visuals (slides, posters, background, objects) that might strengthen the message.
• Memorize the speech.
• Deliver the speech in English.

3. Produce a quality video.

• The video should be about two minutes or less in length.
• Make a great video with a reliable camera, clear audio, and quality video (we must be able to see and hear you clearly)!
• Standard video formats include: MOV (.mov), MPEG-4 (.mp4), FLV (.flv), or WMV (.wmv).
• The video must be absent of third-party intellectual property or copyright-protected content (logos on shirts, brands visible in background etc.).

4. Submit the entry.

• Complete the official entry form.
• Print and upload signed release / parent permission forms for ALL individuals in the video.
• Prepare and upload the video speech in an acceptable format.
• Note: Participants and parents (or guardians) agree to give FranklinCovey ownership of video content.

Contest Judging

Eight Nine grand prize winners will be announced on May 1, 2018 May 9, 2018. The winners will be selected by a panel at FranklinCovey Education using a judging rubric with two criteria: 1) message and 2) presentation. (Be sure we can see and hear you clearly in the video!) Winners will be selected in the following age groups:

• Ages 5 to 7: Two students will win a $500 leadership grant.
• Ages 8 to 10: Two students will win a $500 leadership grant.
• Ages 11 to 14: Two students will win a $500 leadership grant.
• Ages 15 to 18: Two students will win a $500 leadership grant.

NOTE: All grand prize winners and finalists will be featured on The Leader in Me Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Channel! Due to the difficulty of judging finalists, we decided on awarding nine grand prize winners instead of eight.


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