Speaking in public is a great leadership skill. Leader in Me Schools everywhere develop their students with opportunities to speak at Leadership Days, Symposia, assemblies, and in the classroom. FranklinCovey encourages all Leader in Me students to continue improving this skill set with this contest.
Any student in the United States or Canada (ages 5 to 15) who attends a licensed Leader in Me School is eligible to participate. Parents (or guardians) are encouraged to assist, but the student must do the majority of the work!
How can you make a difference? A leadership grant will be awarded to six students to help demonstrate leadership in action at home, at school, or in the community. Participants should first consider what they would do with the grant (if they win) and submit their plans for its use during the entry-form process. At the end of the contest, winners will be featured on The Leader in Me Blog (along with their plans for the grant) and YouTube Channel. The decision is up to the participant, but here are a few suggestions for students to make a difference as a leader:

     - Identify and fix a problem that exists at school.
     - Contribute school materials to the classroom.
     - Donate the money as a charitable contribution.
     - Give to a class member who has needs.
     - Purchase personal supplies for school.
     - Contribute to a college fund.

The following rules and guidelines will help parents (or guardians) support participating students, to produce a great video speech that the viewer can see and hear clearly:

1. Prepare a great message.
Identify an inspiring leadership topic that will resonate with the audience.
     - Don't just recite the 7 Habits, focus on the application of principles.
     - The content can be delivered by one or more students (as long as there are signed release and parent permission forms for ALL
       individuals in the video).

     - Avoid sensitive topics that could be perceived as disrespectful, threatening, exclusive or offensive toward any person, group, or
       organization (e.g. political, religious, etc.).
     - Seek permission and/or mention the source of any third-party content referenced during the speech. 

2. Deliver a great speech.
     - Think of creative ways to make the presentation memorable, impactful, engaging, and unique.   
     - Maintain great eye contact, use appropriate gestures, and speak clearly with expression.
     - Consider visuals (slides, posters, background, objects) that might strengthen the message.
     - Memorize the speech (as much as possible).

Produce a quality video.
     - The video should be about two to five minutes in length.
     - Make a great video with a reliable camera (we must be able to see and hear you clearly)!
     - Standard video formats include: MOV (.mov), MPEG-4 (.mp4), FLV (.flv), or WMV (.wmv).
     - The video must be absent of third-party intellectual property or copyright-protected content (logos on shirts, brands visible in
       background etc.).

4. Submit the entry by May 20, 2016.
     - Complete the official entry form here.
     - Print and upload signed release / parent permission forms for ALL individuals in the video.
     - Prepare and upload the video speech in an acceptable format.
     - Note: Participants and parents (or guardians) agree to give FranklinCovey ownership of video content.

Six winners will be announced on June 3rd. The winners will be selected by a panel at FranklinCovey Education using a judging rubric with two criteria: 1) message and 2) presentation. (Be sure we can see and hear you clearly in the video!) Winners will be selected by the following age groups:

Ages 5 to 7: Two students will
win a $500 leadership grant and be featured on The Leader In Me Blog and YouTube Channel!
Ages 8 to 11: Two students will win a $500 leadership grant and be featured on The Leader In Me Blog and YouTube Channel!
Ages 12 to 15: Two students will win a $500 leadership grant and be featured on The Leader In Me Blog and YouTube Channel!

Student Speech Contest
Students are challenged to submit a video of their speech on an inspiring leadership topic they care about. One or more students should be featured on the video (no parents or teachers). Rather than recite the 7 Habits®, students are encouraged to speak on great examples or principles of leadership. Here are some ideas for potential leadership topics:

     - Why everyone can be a leader
     - What leadership means to me
     - How I can make a difference
     - A leader who has inspired me
     - A problem I want to solve
     - One idea that could change the world
Who is eligible to participate?
Speech Rules and Guidelines
Contest Judging and Prizes
Contact Us
Send us questions about the contest at:

Why hold a speech contest?
Win a $500 Leadership Grant!
Supporting Materials
PDF flyer to print for students. Haga clic aquí
para descargar una versión española.

Judging Criteria Document

Consent Form and instructions.
Grand Prize Winners (Ages 5 to 7)
Grand Prize Winners (Ages 8 to 11)
Grand Prize Winners (Ages 12 to 15)
Finalists (Ages 5 to 7)
Finalists (Ages 8 to 11)
Finalists (Ages 12 to 15)
Congratulations to the (6) Grand Prize Winners of the $500 Leadership Grant for The Leader in Me Student Speech Contest! We also want to recognize the great speeches by our finalists in each age category listed below, which were selected from nearly 250 incredible videos submitted by our Leader in Me students. The videos were selected by a panel at FranklinCovey Education. Among students that could be heard and seen clearly, a judging rubric was used as a guide with two criteria: 1) message and 2) presentation.

Grand Prize Winners and Finalist Videos are now posted on YouTube! Please note: Due to the sensitivity of using the student's name in video, we've made minor edits to some videos in order to protect them. Be sure to follow us on The Leader in Me blog, Facebook, and Twitter channels for additional announcements and information.

If you aren't recognized below, we encourage you to start preparing for The Leader in Me Student Speech Contest next year!